2 comments on “Social Media in Retail Sales

  1. Mark,

    I enjoyed reading about social media in retail. Your point regarding Facebook and Twitter being the largest and best ways to reach the audience in a customer service field is a great one. I find that a lot of companies in retail are using Facebook and really pay attention to any comments left. With the phone case company Speck, it was interesting to see that if anyone left a negative comment regarding their case, there was someone immediately answering back and directing the customer to someone that can assist them with replacing their case or fixing the issue somehow. It seems like Facebook and Twitter have really opened the door for companies to have excellent customer service, as long as the companies know how to use it correctly.

    I do really like how Best Buy’s Facebook has a “Questions and Answers” section where you can ask a question yourself or browse through other questions that have been answered right from Facebook. Best Buy seems to really be embracing social media and allowing it to really connect their customers better to them.

  2. Facebook and Twitter really are two of the largest impact on the Industry today. These social medias can make or break you and businesses are really starting to take these, among with other social medias, serious. I remember when my place of business did not allow us to go onto Facebook during business hours, now they have unlocked our pathway to not only go on Facebook but have added LinkedIn as part of our Social Media devices.

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